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Upcoming Classes This Fall

Video Switching

Analog Way Video Switcher: Pulse 2

This class will focus on the setting up the Pulse2 video switcher and running it in a real world environment. Everything from learning how to input sources to setting up output resolutions will be taught in this two day class. By learning and mastering this switcher, the user will be able to master any of the live core platforms including the Nextage 16, Ascender 32, and Ascender 48 being that they all use the same Remote Control Software. The class will include basic scenarios that will be encountered on the job site. 

Projection 101 Basics

This is a two day class will cover the fundamentals of video projection. This class is made for a person who has little to no background in using projectors but would like to know how to easily set up and make simple projection setups in a ballroom setting possible. Users will learn lens selection, stacking, and how to converge projectors.



Lighting Design

Users are taught patching, basic programming, cue timing and playback, tracking, as well as basic effects. This one day class is hands on with the aid of a visualizer connected to the lighting board to help the students see their progress. At the end of the course, students will have to pass a test in order to be considered for placement on AVTC Designs Lighting Technican List, which will secure them work for the season on company events. 

Lighting Consoles: Hog4 AND GrandMA2 (seperate classes) 

Audio Engineer

Users will learn the basic setup of speakers in a ballroom setting, as well as the difference between the types of microphones. Setting up a wireless microphone rack will be demonstrated and the student will have to manage frequency control while elimating feedback

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