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Installation & Consultant

AV System Designers

"AVTC Production Group offers comprehensive consultancy services to address all facets of audio and video collaboration needs. We cover a spectrum, from devising technology strategies and crafting concept presentations to delivering detailed equipment specifications, schematic blueprints, and functional outlines. 


Our suite of services encompasses guidance, design, and project management across a variety of audiovisual endeavors. With our deep knowledge spanning audio, video, data, electrical, communications, and IP, we stand ready to support any AV project you envision.


While many partners leverage our consulting as part of an end-to-end audiovisual solution, we also cater to clients looking to tender their project or those with preferred vendor ties. In such cases, we offer independent analysis and system designs, ensuring a seamless blend of all audio and video technology components.


Additionally, we conduct training sessions for venue personnel to further enhance their proficiency."

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