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Concept Development

1. **Conception**: Our primary focus is to set clear experience objectives, approach, and content.


2. **Environment**: We meticulously craft an environment that truly embodies your event's vision.


3. **Technical Design**: With a global footprint, our prowess in sound and lighting system operations is unmatched.


4. **Content Production**: Our forte lies in storytelling. We seamlessly integrate art direction, video content, 2D & 3D animation, sound and lighting effects, music, and adaptation of advanced interactive and control systems.


5. **Integration**: Perfect harmony! We effortlessly blend content and technology for a cohesive presentation.


6. **Operation**: From training to the final execution, we manage every detail on-site to ensure smooth running.


7. **Collaboration**: Whether you're a Destination Management Company, Event Planner, Venue, or Talent Management, we're eager to team up with you. Let our designers and engineers craft an event that resonates with your brand and delights your clients.


Leveraging advanced content design tools, we translate your event's aspirations into dynamic visual previews. Move past the old challenges of event design. Once we have your gear preferences, our specialists develop an immersive 3D rendering, providing a tangible glimpse of your event's potential. It's time to leave behind flat 2D diagrams. Our visualizations empower your sales team with a marketable vision and provide your tech crew with comprehensive plots for execution. Streamline your show's execution with our expertise. Entrust us to craft visuals that are as mesmerizing as the final event.


"Turn to AVTC for exceptional yet cost-effective equipment rentals. Our arsenal features Panasonic Laser & HD Christie Digital Projectors, SDI Analog Way video switchers, and premium L-Acoustics audio setups. Complement your event with our 8K ultra high-definition cameras, adaptable Pipe & Drape solutions, monitors, and cutting-edge lighting — encompassing intelligent moving head fixtures and standout uplights. With AVTC, your event shines brighter."


"Allow our expert lighting engineers to craft a captivating visual display tailored for your on-the-go needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art consoles like GrandMA, HOG, and Vista Lighting, connected to our visualizers, you'll get a true-to-life preview on screen, ensuring the plots you see are precisely how the audience will experience the lighting."

Video Mapping

"We breathe life into your narrative through intricate 3D animations, ensuring your message stands out. Entrust your vision to our skilled video engineers, who will artfully transform it into a visual masterpiece. Using video mapping and 3D projection, we can showcase your content on virtually any canvas—be it a tangible 3D object, a vast building facade, or even a sleek car. The potential is limitless! Elevate your event by projecting tailored video content and animations on unconventional surfaces. With our expertise, prepare to captivate audiences and elevate your event to unparalleled heights!"

Visual Content

"AVTC collaborates with enterprises and groups to craft their narratives using immersive digital platforms. Our expertise lies in converting creative concepts into impactful digital engagements, ensuring your message strikes a chord with your audience. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we seamlessly blend real and virtual experiences, with a focus on interactive installations. With AVTC, anticipate an event marked by exceptional quality, innovative design, and compelling effectiveness."



"We hold the conviction that sound is a pivotal element in any audio/visual production. Backed by some of the industry's premier audio engineers, we're poised to breathe life into your projects."

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