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"We ensure your challenges are met, always within your financial scope and on time.


Our forte is creating a comprehensive sensory ambiance, blending architectural and natural facets seamlessly with video, sound, and lighting.


As industry standards elevate and client anticipations grow, we prioritize staying updated with the latest in technology. This dedication ensures we navigate your logistical hurdles and provide unmatched production and technical aid.


Be it concerts, festivals, sports events, television productions, or any grand live spectacle, AVTC Production Group offers the distinctive services that make your event truly memorable."

"AVTC boasts a team of elite designers ready to transform your idea into a captivating visual and sensory journey.


There are distinct tiers that represent the extent of a multimedia environment's engagement with its audience. Each tier is curated to deepen this interaction.


1. ** Ambient Environment**: A backdrop that complements and sustains the event or performance.


2. ** Immersive Environment**: An arena enveloped in light, visuals, and sound, drawing participants into the experience.


3. ** Interactive Environment**: A setting that encourages visitors to actively engage with their surroundings through tech-driven interactions."

"AVTC Production Group stands as your all-inclusive event partner, boasting over two decades of delivering top-notch production equipment and solutions in the live event domain. We take pride in possessing the most current and technologically superior sound, lighting, video, backline, and staging gear the industry offers.


Our roster features the industry's leading engineers, designers, and technicians. Our technical team doesn't just tackle challenges; they embrace them, treating your event as if it were their very own.


Owning our fleet of trucks not only makes us cost-efficient for our clients but also extends our reach across the nation. Leveraging our vast experience in logistics, we readily ship our equipment and extend our exceptional services to clients in the Bahamas, South America, and throughout the Caribbean Islands."

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