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Apex Benefits of Financing

Apex Finance offers a full line of financing options designed to facilitate the ownership of
capital equipment your business needs. These solutions allow easier access to acquisition and
ultimate ownership and provide the following advantages:

More cash in your pocket

Cash is always King! Having liquidity gives you the ultimate flexibility and ability to act quickly when

opportunities present themselves, as well as prepare for a rainy day.

“100%” Fixed Rate Financing

Apex financing options can cover everything from installation to software, training, taxes, and more, so
that your business can be up and running in a streamlined and simplified way and you can rest assured

your rates & payment will not change with changes to the economy.

Better Terms Than Banks

Bank lending agreements often contain restrictive covenants, escalation clauses, “call anytime”
provisions, compensating balance requirements, cross-collateralization with other assets, and the filing
of blanket liens; these provisions are not found in Apex financing or leasing agreements.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Equipment leasing can help you stay on top of the latest advances in equipment and technology. Being
able to make upgrades to newer equipment when your short-term lease is up can give your company a

competitive advantage.

Variable or Seasonal Payments

Apex Finance can match payments to project revenues or seasonal cash flow variations to
simplify cash budgeting. Lower payments or higher payments to match the equipment income

production is often ideal.

Financial Reporting Advantages

Some Apex financing options can be structured to qualify for “off-balance-sheet” accounting
treatment. This improves ratios and avoids lending covenant violations

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